How to understand
essential Irish Gaelic for beginners
and not just memorize

Know enough to be able
to carry on a simple conversation with the locals

People who have traveled this journey
before you

Sultry chords

The sultry chords of Eoin's voice shall echo through my humble abode, to the joy of man and hound alike, once again!

Daniel B.,
from South Korea living in
South Korea.

He’s from the cold climes of Canada. He’s been interested in Irish/Celtic music and related things since an early age. Customer of our full Audio Program, which includes all the tracks for Learn Irish With Eoin.

I love the whole approach

I like it a lot, actually. I love the whole approach, and I love the way he explains the literal meanings of the phrases. There are now five of us in Front Royal, Virginia, who are meeting regularly to share our ignorance (oops, I mean, to learn together) an Gaelige!

Connie, from Front Royal, Virginia.

Self-taught learner of Irish Gaelic

Your audio lessons are probably the best

Dia duit Eoin! Go raibh maith agat! I am learning fairly quickly, from the audio lessons and from your website! I can't tell you how much this helps me, your audio lessons are probably the best, Once again, go raibh maith agat Eion. Bhuel slán!

Robert, from Austin, Texas.

I’m in Ireland now

In Ireland now and I have to say the album helped a lot! Thank you! Your country is beautiful, the people are warm, and I never want to leave!

Eileen, from Blue Springs,

She’s an avid fan of The Elders music group from Kansas City, Missouri. She has even toured with them through Ireland.

Really worth looking into

I have done a lot of Irish studying on different programs, but this is one gaelic study that covers a whole lot. Not only do you get to hear the words in conversation, but they also cover what the words mean and not just how to use them. This is worth the purchase for beginners, people working on their pronunciation and people just studying gaelic.


Very good and easy to do

I've been wanting to learn Gaelic for a while and it wasn't until I stumbled across this album that I was able to actively pursue that goal. Eoin gives little, easy lessons that you can go over again and again, and not feel like your simply memorizing what sounds come next, but actually what each phrase means. I can't recommend this enough for those who want to get an introduction to Gaelic.

Tyler Steiner


This is easy to use and understand. The lessons are broken up into short pieces, and Eoin repeats the phrases slowly so you can really hear how to pronounce the words.

Kristi Charuk

Very good quality

Very good quality MP3's. It met all of my expectations. The fact that a native speaker is teaching is what is best about this product.

Brian Lee Hughes

Get LEARN IRISH with Eoin

Our digital album “Learn Irish With Eoin” contains 15 tracks:

1Greetings and introductions 1

Learn your first phrase, how to say hello. When you’re responding to someone, you need to use a different phrase, which you’ll also cover. You’ll also know what the phrase literally means.

2What’s your name?

Strike up conversation with a new person. Ask them what their name is, and be ready with your reply.

3Parting company

An easy way to begin to use Irish Gaelic in Ireland is just to say “goodbye” to people in Irish Gaelic (like your bus driver or taxi driver). This will get a good smile in return.

4Your first conversation

Use the phrases you’ve already mastered in the previous lessons to bring it all together. We introduce you to a small simple conversation, and you’re given time to participate.

5Count from 1 to 10

Get familiar with the numbers in Irish Gaelic.

6Irish language alphabet

Did you know, Irish Gaelic has fewer letters than you find in English! We cover the letters.

7Greetings and introductions 2

Ask someone how they’re doing. Be ready with your own reply too, based on how you’re feeling. You’ll also learn a neat little trick for keeping the conversation going by asking “And you?”.

8Greeting an acquaintance

This is another simple conversation lesson, building on top of phrases you have previously learned. By participating in this lesson, you’ll get to use the phrases in a real-world context. .

9Where are you from?

Get to know someone a bit better by asking them where they’re from.

10Countries and nationalities

We cover lots of countries and nationalities. You’ll be able to say where you’re from, and be able to understand where someone else is from.

11Everyday phrases for conversation

This essential lesson will introduce you to the real phrases that Irish Gaelic speakers will use every day. You can use them in just about any situation, and it will make your conversation skills go a lot further.

12Excuse Me, Please, Thank you

It’s always good to be prepared with standard polite phrases. Now you’ll be able to ask the other person to please repeat themselves, and to say thank you.t.

13Love and terms of endearment

Since you’re learning to speak Irish Gaelic, you can also share it with your loved ones. These are lovely phrases to say how you feel.

14This and That

With this practical lesson, you’ll be able to identify objects with “this” and “that”. It’s something you don’t even think about in English. Armed with these simple words in Irish Gaelic, you’ll be able to better express yourself in simple contexts.

15Do you speak Irish?

You’ve covered the best essential Irish Gaelic for beginners. Now it’s time to throw the challenge to people in Ireland! Ask them if they speak Irish Gaelic, so you’re ready to spark off a simple conversation. You’ll show how much you respect their culture, and you’ll get a real smile from them.

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Warning - Don’t live with this regret!

We’ve heard from countless people this regret: “If only I’d started learning Irish Gaelic a couple of years ago, I’d be well along my journey by now. Instead, I thought I was too busy to spend 5 minutes to take a Bitesize lessons.”

Don’t be one of those people. Don’t leave it another year. Learning a language is indeed a huge undertaking. It’s a hugely respectable challenge to take on. You can’t tackle it all at once, which is why we’ve broken it right down into easy Bitesize portions for you.

P.S. You don’t have to be a “languages person” to speak some Irish Gaelic

What you do need is interest and enthusiasm! If it helps, remember how much you’d love to visit Ireland in the future. Then remember how much more wholesome the experience will be when you can use Ireland’s native language on the natives themselves. You’ll then realize what a deep connection you’ve already made to the land of your heart. Scroll back up the “Place your order here” section above to start learning today.